Les trois philosophes
Les trois philosophes    ( folowing Giorgione )
70x70 Huile sur bois


Giorgione is the reference in this inaugural painting. The narrative is built up around him, to finally dare expand and become independent.

Straightaway, the strong lines that make up J. Hazera's key signature as regards his painting are given. The surface of the work comes to life through the proliferation of details the foliage is swaying, due to weird creatures; the clothes get puckered along reptilian creases ; the holes of a rock swarm with a quantity of chimeras; the trunks shelter fragments of human bodies ; a face is irrigated with chlorophyll while another one, made up of cuttlefish bones, is rooted; some necks of dogs come up from the ground… The painter's world is established. An alphabet of forms is being built up to enable the writing of an original narrativer.
A thematic element appears on the diagonal of the painting – something one will be able to find again in following works, that is to say the inseparable couple of life and death an image borrowed from Hans Baldung, through the newborn baby and death, who holds in her hand life's hourglass.