L'enfer du peintre 1
L'enfer du peintre 1
75x65 Huile sur bois
L'enfer du peintre
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L'enfer du peintre 2
70x65 Huile sur toile marouflée

There are two versions to The Hell of the painter. The original reference is Kafka : The metamorphosis.
iled down while sticking pipes drain his brain out. The body-shell, too heavy for his thin legs, is clamped, and the still human head is trapped. Around, the world is proliferating.
The first vision is less sarcastic, more quiet and colourful, spaced out by the terracing of different levels, all shut by the vivid blue of the sky.
Hell 2 lost its colours. The technique of engraving used highlights a view of the monsters, who appear sharp and howling, and who surround the human-insect.
There is no space. The surface is saturated with interlaces of sharp and prickly forms. The harsh light underlines any ruggedness as well as the claw, the tooth and the violence of a cry.
Only the face keeps some soft shades. The eyes stare at the still human spectator.